JiVE. Youth Work International – Experiencing Diversity

Opportunities of full participation for all young people – regardless of their social background or origin – as well as greater openness in German society and its institution are important challenges for a viable society. IJAB – International Youth Service of the Federal Republic of Germany, together with partners from public institutions, foundations and the voluntary sector, meets this call to action with the youth policy initiative JiVE. Youth Work International – Experiencing Diversity.

International Youth Work affects people

Within the framework of the pilot project JiVE. Youth Work International – Experiencing Diversity (2008-2010) it was scientifically proven that participation in international youth work activities has a positive and long-lasting impact on the personal development of young people. Also professional youth workers benefit from international programmes. The professional exchange favours the intercultural opening, internationalisation and europeanisation of organisations and institutions in the field of child and youth services.

JiVE contributes to more equal opportunities    

In cooperation with various partners, the youth policy initiative JiVE has been campaigning improved equal opportunities since 2011. Together they have been working hard to make activities of international youth work accessible to all young  people, that is to say also to those who have not benefit from these activities so far.

Between 2015 and 2017, JiVE pursues the following main aims:

  • Making international youth work as well as its positive effects on personal development and integration better known locally, and using it to support all young people. Cross-border mobility for target groups that are not easily reached yet should be facilitated.
  • Establishing international youth work as non-formal educational services and contributing to the acknowledgement of international youth work by politics and society.
  • Contributing to the development, europeanisation and internationalisation of child and youth services in Germany.
  • Motivating and qualifying professional youth workers.

Pictures: Christoph Piecha

The sub-initiatives (2015 – 2017)

At the core of this initiative coordinated by IJAB are the following sub-initiatives, which are implemented by various partners forming a joint steering group:

  • Kommune goes International – IJAB e.V.
  • AG International mobil zum Beruf – aktuelles forum e.V.
  • Jugendsozialarbeit macht mobil – Mitglieder im Kooperationsverbund Jugendsozialarbeit
  • Mach mit! Jugendmobilität zwischen Deutschland und der Türkei – Deutsch-Türkische Jugendbrücke
  • Sportive  – Deutsche Sportjugend
  • JugendAuslandsBerater (JAB) in NRW – transfer e.V.

Furthermore, the following players support the joint steering group with their professional expertise:

  • Forschung und Praxis im Dialog Internationale Jugendarbeit
  • DIVE – Netzwerk für diversitätsbewusste Jugend- & Bildungsarbeit
  • VISION:INKLUSION and the inclusion strategy by JUGEND für Europa.

Integration into youth policy processes (only available in German)

The JiVE initiative contributes to the implementation of the EU Youth Strategy in Germany and makes – in the framework of the initiative„Chancen eröffnen durch Austausch und Begegnung“ – an important contribution to the implementation of the aims that are formulated in the youth strategie 2015-2018 „Chancen eröffnen durch Austausch und Begegnung“.


Please do not hesitate to contact the JiVE team if you have further questions: jive@ijab.de